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If you are looking for WhatsApp Plus APK for Android? If yes, then you are in the right place. WhatsApp Plus as the name suggests is one of the most popular WhatsApp Mods available right now. It comes in the top 3 WhatsApp alternative and offers a great set of features. We love using WhatsApp to connect with our friends and family. It is a great way to keep up with our loved ones. Sending text messages, images, videos, documents and even location is just one click away. We have got everything we need from WhatsApp. But still, there are some things that WhatsApp still lacks today, and that’s where WhatsApp Plus becomes an obvious choice for most of us.


In this article, we will try to explain to you everything you need to know about WhatsApp Plus Mod APK. We will also try to answer some of the most asked questions. So if you are interested, continue reading. We hope you will love using WhatsApp Plus more than the official WhatsApp.

What’s the Difference Between WhatsApp Plus and Official WhatsApp?

Difference between official and whatsapp plus

There is actually a quite difference between WhatsApp Plus and the original WhatsApp. Both the versions vary in features and customization abilities they provide. Starting off with Original WhatsApp, it is pretty simple and limited in features. While on the other hand WhatsApp Plus is filled with loads of features you would probably never heard of. Such as Freeze Last Seen, Anti-Delete messages and more. WhatsApp Plus also offers complete customization. If you are really into using such features on WhatsApp, then download and start using WhatsApp Plus latest version today!

But before you install and start to use WhatsApp Plus, we recommend you to have a glance at these features. So you will have a better idea of how WhatsApp Plus works and what new features it offers.

What’s New in WhatsApp Plus APK for Android?

WhatsApp Plus is updated frequently. Developers constantly work hard to provide us with the latest version of WhatsApp Plus with new cool features. Here are some changes and addition of new features in WhatsApp Plus APK.

WhatsApp Plus Changelog

WhatsApp Plus Changelog

WhatsApp Plus has gone through several changes since its initial. Here are the last few changelogs.

  • Added new stickers
  • Added animated new stickers support
  • Optimized for low-end devices
  • Added Color phone effect while receiving calls
  • Added new theme to dynamic theme store
  • Improved privacy measures
  • Fixed emoji missing issue
  • Added new backup alternative- MEGA

Download WhatsApp Plus APK Latest Version Updated

App NameWhatsApp Plus APK
APK Size52 MB
Required Android Version5.0+
Available on
Last Updated1 Day Ago

WhatsApp Plus Exclusive Features

WhatsApp Plus compared to the original brings some awesome features that aren’t present anywhere. And that’s why people love it. Here are some features that are extremely useful in day-to-day life.


WhatsApp Plus Privacy
  • DND Disturb Mode- Turn this on, if you don’t want to receive any messages on WhatsApp. No need to turn off the internet connection. DND mode will work even if your data connection is on.
  • Hide your last seen- Your friends won’t be able to see your last seen.
  • Disable forward message tag- Now forward messages on WhatsApp without the forward tab.
  • Who can call you- Choose who can call you on WhatsApp Plus.
  • Hide view status- Your friends won’t see you have seen their status.
  • Anti-delete status- Turn this on, if you want to see the status of your friends even after they delete it.
  • Anti delete messages- Messages can’t be deleted even the sender uses the delete for everyone button.
  • Show blue ticks after reply- Your friends will not see blue ticks unless you reply to them.
  • Set preset privacy setting- Set hide blue chats, hide second tick, hide blue microphone and hide typing privacy setting for contacts, groups and broadcasts separately.


WhatsApp Plus Security
  • In-built fingerprint lock- Open WhatsApp Plus, tap on more options and tap on settings. After that click on Account and then privacy. At last, you will see a fingerprint lock. Enable it to use fingerprint lock before entering WhatsApp Plus. This will give you an added layer of security.
  • Hide media from the gallery- Turn this feature on to hide media from the gallery. All media you receive on WhatsApp Plus won’t be shown in the gallery. It will only display on WhatsApp Plus where you received them.

WhatsApp Plus Extra Features

WhatsApp Plus Extra Features
  • Send up to 100 MP photos in the best quality possible.
  • Now share your videos up to 80 MB in size to status
  • Send up to 1000 photos/audio or videos. Original WhatsApp has only a 30 share limit.
  • Send 100% quality status. on WhatsApp Plus. The regular WhatsApp version reduces quality to 80%.
  • Enable Facebook like chat heads feature- Chat with anyone while using other apps using Chat heads feature.
  • Forward the messages to up to 300 people. Note- Don’t use this feature to forward messages to too many people. Doing so you might get your account banned.
  • Self-destructive messages- Use the newly added self-destructive messages feature. Your message will automatically be deleted once the receiver reads the message.
  • Multiple emoji varients- Use WhatsApp, Old WhatsApp and system emoji variants.
  • Auto-update- Now auto-update WhatsApp Plus via Wi-Fi or mobile data.
  • Choose launcher icons- Choose from more than 50 launcher icons within WhatsApp Plus.


WhatsApp Plus Customization

This feature makes WhatsApp Plus apart from the original WhatsApp. There’s literally no customization options present in the official version of WhatsApp. You can change your theme from light to dark at most. Beyond there is no scope for any kind of customization whatsoever.

  • Theme Store- WhatsApp Plus offers you a theme store that contains dozens of theme for you to use for free. This is great for those people who love to customize everything on their phone. Pinklady, Rosemary, Fiction, Kitten, Matrix are some of the most popular themes in WhatsApp Plus. You also get local themes that come installed with WhatsApp Plus.
  • DIY Theme- Ok, this is another great feature of WA Plus. DIY Theme editor will let you create them the way you want. There are 2 sections, one is home and the other is the conversation. Each and every element can be customized according to your taste. So don’t forget to check it out.
  • Colorphone- Tired of the same boring WhatsApp call screen? If yes, then you can get rid of it by using attractive and gorgeous Colorphone themes.

So these were some of the most popular features of WhatsApp Plus. We didn’t have much time to explain every feature. You can further explore all the features of WhatsApp Plus by installing it on your device. It is 100% free, safe and more fun to use.

How to Backup Messages on WhatsApp Plus?

Backup Chats on WhatsApp Plus.svg

If you are using the original version, you would know that backup is saved to Google Drive by default. But sadly there is no more backup support for Google Drive. Due to some reason, online backup is now moved to Dropbox which is another great platform to save your WhatsApp chats. And with the recent version update, you now get support for MEGA cloud storage as well. Both the storage options present in WhatsApp Plus are inbuilt they are excellent storage alternative for Google Drive.

Dropbox offers free 2 GB storage, while MEGA gives you a whopping 50 GB of free storage to save whatever you want.

Moreover, if you don’t want to backup your WhatsApp chats online, you can always take offline backup in WhatsApp Plus. Refer to our How to backup WhatsApp chats article to know more about it.

Is WhatsApp Plus Ad-Free?

Ad-free user interface.svg

Yes, WhatsApp Plus is an ad-free app. You won’t see any kind of ads while using the app. Developers could have integrated the ads if they wanted to do, but fortunately, they didn’t. And I don’t think they will display ads on the WhatsApp mods anytime soon. So, yes. Kudos to the developers who care about the user experience.

WhatsApp Plus is created by developers who put in constant efforts and do hard work to keep up with the expectations of people. Thanks to these Developers as they keep all WhatsApp Mods including WhatsApp Plus, free, ad-free and without any subscription or recurring payments. This is some next level charity work to keep the in-app experience for the end-user as great as the original WhatsApp.

Can I Use WhatsApp Plus without Uninstalling Official WhatsApp?

Yes, you can use both WhatsApp Plus and Official WhatsApp on the same phone. WhatsApp Plus as we have said before is a standalone app. It doesn’t have any conflict with the regular WhatsApp version. Neither you have to delete the original WhatsApp for the sake of WhatsApp Plus.

In fact, WhatsApp Plus could be an excellent alternative if you want to use two separate accounts on WhatsApp. You can use two instances of WhatsApp on the same Android device. But you have to use another phone number to register other than the regular one. Though WhatsApp Plus is safe to use on Android smartphone, we recommend you to use the second number on WhatsApp Plus. Use the primary phone number on the original WhatsApp.

Will I be able to Chat with regular WhatsApp users?

Yes, of course. You will be able to chat and be able to send images, videos, audio files, documents and everything else to the person who is using the official version. What’s the point of using WhatsApp Mods if you can’t send messages to people using official versions?

Download WhatsApp Plus

Remember everything’s gonna stay same except the exclusive features that you will only see in WhatsApp Plus.

How to Download & Install WhatsApp Plus on Android smartphone?

So if you have now made up your mind to use WhatsApp Plus, let’s proceed further. Follow these steps below to install WhatsApp Plus on your Android phone.

Note- WhatsApp Plus supports devices running above Android 4.1

1. First of all, click on the download button above. After that, you have to select the version of the app. Make sure you download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK. The new version always comes with new cool features, so you wouldn’t wanna miss them out. The download may take a minute or two depending upon your download speed.

Install WhatsApp Plus 1

2. Now, open your file manager and go to the download folder where the WhatsApp Plus APK is downloaded.

3. Click on the WhatsApp Plus APK file and then the installer will ask your permission. Simply tap the Install button. It may take a few moments to install. Wait until the app installs on your device successfully.

Install WhatsApp Plus 2

4. Now, open the app and register your number as you do usually and enjoy brand new awesome features of WhatsApp Plus on Android.


We hope you liked the WhatsApp Plus APK. It is indeed one of the best WhatsApp Mods created to date. With so many features and customization ability, there seems to be no reason why should we use official WhatsApp. Another great thing about WhatsApp Plus for Android is that it is 100% free and doesn’t contain any sort of advertisements. That’s what makes it a great WhatsApp alternative. If you are interested in such modded apps, then you might wanna have a look at our other WhatsApp mods like GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp and FMWhatsApp. They are also great if you compare it with the stock WhatsApp.