How to Prank Friends by Sending Bulk Messages on WhatsApp

If you are someone who loves to play a prank with friends, then you should really try this. Sending bulk messages on WhatsApp is started recently and many people love to do it. If you want to annoy your friends for literally no reason, you can do this. It is fun to pull out on your best friends and it is nothing wrong to prank them for fun.

Bulk messages as the name says is nothing but sending multiple messages high in numbers like 100, 200, 500 or even 1000 if you are crazy. The process to send bulk messages to your friends is actually is doesn’t take much time. But, it is worth your time if you really want to play games with your buddies and have some fun.

How to Send Bulk Messages on WhatsApp?

#1. Sending Bulk Messages Manually

You can send bulk messages on WhatsApp manually. But spending tons of messages manually takes a lot of time and it is painful. You won’t really enjoy sending bulk messages manually. In fact, we don’t recommend you to do so.

Then what’s the best method to annoy your friends without hurting your fingers? Let’s have a look.

#2. Use Clicker for WhatsApp app

This app is awesome, and it is made especially for those who want to send hundreds of messages on WhatsApp. The app interface is simple, and it takes no time to start sending messages in bulk to your friends.

Let’s see, how we can use Clicker for WhatsApp app to send bulk messages.

First of all, you will need to install the app on your Android smartphone. Clicker for Whatsapp isn’t available on Play Store. We are providing you with a direct download link to the app, click to download.

After downloading it, install it as usual. Enable third party installation, if it asks for permission.

As told earlier, it is very simple to use the app but not too simple for them who you are sending messages to.

Let’s see how to use Clicker for WhatsApp.

Open the Clicker for WhatsApp on your phone. After opening you will see a list of all contacts saved on your device.

Now select any one contact that you want to annoy or play prank with.

After clicking on the contact you will see following options.

On the top, you have to write the message you want to send multiple times. The text you write in that box will be sent to the contact you chose, repetitively as a single text message in WhatsApp.

Now press Send button, you messages will be sent automatically to the contact you selected. Make sure to open WhatsApp Lock if you have enabled it.

How Many Messages I Can Send Max at Once?

Now comes the most important part. Here you choose the number of messages you want to send. The number of the message starts from 1 to 100 to 500 to 1k, 2k, 10k to all the way up to crazy 100,000 (100k). Sending bulk messages in such quantity is insanity and no one should even try it.

We advise you, Do the prank for fun, and keep this value as low as possible. Make sure not to abuse this feature and keep it under the limit. Or the prank on a friend could turn into some serious fight and we don’t want it at all, neither we encourage it.

You can send Blank bulk messages as well without any text. The rest of the options are not that important and they don’t even work properly.

Note- We are providing this app for fair usage and we don’t support any kind of misuse, abuse of this feature. What you do with Clicker for WhatsApp app is upto you.

How to Stop Receiving Bulk Messages?

In case you are being a victim of such bulk messages prank. Do the following. You can also help your friends who got a victim of such a prank.

Most of the time phone stops responding and starts to lag when large quantities of messages start to receive. You can turn off the Wi-Fi or Data connection so the messages won’t receive. After that try to restart your phone and when the phones start, turn the Wifi or mobile data off immediately. Now put your phone on silent mode. After that go to WhatsApp and block the contact, quickly turn on your internet connection before you confirm to block someone.

Thus you can block him and stop receiving hundreds and thousands of messages to your WhatsApp.

Final Words

In the end, we repeat again, avoid sending bulk messages in huge quantities. Doing this could result in a ban on your WhatsApp account. You should always send bulk messages to your friends on WhatsApp in a limited amount. Also, the receiver won’t be able to anything on his phone due to the constant incoming messages. So be aware of it and don’t make a weapon of destruction for others. Check out our other articles on WhatsApp Mods and how-to guides.