InstaUp APK Download v18.1 For Android (Get Real Insta Followers) Latest Version

If you are fond of Instagram and looking for Insta UP APK for Android V16.6, then you are in the right place. We will provide you with a direct download link to InstaUP APK latest version. If you want more people to like, comment and follow your Instagram account or page, then Insta UP APK could be the best tool for you. Basically, this tool will help you gain followers and will bring comments to your page. It is free, completely safe to use and will change the way you use Instagram. We assure you if you start using InstaUP, you will never stop using it. So let’s get started.

As we all know Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps. It allows us to share images, videos with our friends. Not only that, but it is also a great tool to promote your business online, connect with your audience and more. Instagram is also proven to be a powerful platform for public figures to connect with their audience. Instagram has also recently added a feature called Reels which is similar to the other short video sharing platform like Tiktok.

Want to gain followers on your account? Want to promote your business/ fitness/ model page on Instagram. Want to be popular and get more likes and comments? If yes, then you should use InstaUp App for Android. We will also tell you how you can use InstaUP to grow your page.

How to Get More Likes, Comments and Followers on Instagram for Free?

Who doesn’t want to increase followers of their account/ page on Instagram? Almost everyone want to be famous on Instagram. Everyone wants more likes, receive more comments on their post and want to grow their page. But it is not that easy to grow your Insta page and bring followers to your page. It might take years to build a reputation of your Instagram account to be able to connect people to your page.

So is there any way to quickly gain followers, receive more likes and comments on your post? Yes, there is a way. It is now possible to get more followers, likes and comments on Instagram account for free with the help of InstaUP APK for Android. So, Let’s discuss it below in detail.

InstaUp APK Download Latest Version Updated for Android

InstaUp Icon
App NameInstaUp APK
Size11.8 MB
Required Android Version5.0+
Available on
Last Updated1 Day Ago

Why Should You Use InstaUP for Instagram?

InstaUp is a simple and straightforward app that helps you gain followers to your Instagram account. You might be running a page or a personal account, and you are probably looking forward to growing your page. Keeping that in mind, developers created an awesome app called Insta UP APK for Android.

Below we will discuss features of InstaUP APK for Android. We will also tell you how to use this app to get likes, comments and followers on your account.

How Does InstaUP Work?

InstaUp is a third-party tool made for getting likes, followers and comments free on Instagram. All you have to do is to open the app, and choose between likes, comments and followers option. After that, select the amount of the option you chose and confirm the order. You will start getting the likes, followers or comments as soon as the order is placed.

Insta Up works on the coin basis system. Basically, you will need to have coins in order to get likes, comments and followers for Free. These Coins can either be purchased or earned through the InstaUp APK itself. We will explain how to get Insta Up coins for free further in the article.

How to Get Free Likes, Comments or Followers in Instagram using Insta Up App?

The process of gettings likes, comments or followers on Instagram is extremely easy. You can start getting likes/ followers/ comments on your account instantly. Just follow the steps below just in case you are using Insta Up for the first time.

Here’s how you can get Likes, Comments & Followers On Instagram for Free

  1. First of all download the Insta Up and install it on your Android phone. After that open the InstaUp app. You will something like this.

2. Now press Log In With Instagram Button. You will see a popup: Select the login method. Select any method, if that method doesn’t work for you, try another method. After that login into your Instagram account or FB account to log into Instagram.

3. After logging in click on the home tab. There will be three buttons. Get Comment, Get Followers and Get Likes. Choose what you want.

For example- Say you want to get free likes on your Insta posts. You will select the Get Likes button. All your posts will be shown, now choose the post you want to get likes on. Here you will see a list of offers for likes. You will need 2 Coins for 1 Like on Instagram using Insta Up App.

Select the amount of likes you want to press confirm to confirm the order. You will start getting free likes on that particular posts in the next 30 seconds.

Similarly, you can get followers and comments on your Instagram account and or post as well. Although, the cost of 1 follower or 1 comment is 4 coins.

You can also set custom comments for specific posts as well.

How to Earn InstaUp Coins for Free?

InstaUp works on the Coin basis system. You get 50 coins free while using InstaUp for the first time. Although the app is free to use, you will need Insta Up Coins to be able to get Free Likes, Comments and Followers. The price of the actions is given below.

ActionRequired Coins
1 Like1 Coin
1 Comment4 Coins
1 Follower4 Coins

You can earn Insta Up coins for free by liking, commenting and following other people on Instagram. Here’s how you can earn free coins in the Insta Up app itself.

  • Open the Insta Up App, you will be taken to the Get Coin screen. Here you can earn coins for free.

There are basically 3 actions. Like, Comment and Follow. Click on add coin button at the bottom to do one of the actions and get Coins for Free.

  1. If you go to the Like tab, you will be asked to like other people’s post. For doing so, you will get 1 coin.

2. In Follow tab, you will be asked to follow someone’s profile. For following a account you get 2 coins.

3. The third method is Comment. For one comment you get 2 coins.

How to Recover Wasted Coins in InstaUp?

As told before, the Insta Up Liker app for Instagram works on the Coin basis system. You spend coins for getting likes, comments and even followers for free without spending money. At the same time you can earn coins by liking or commenting on other people’s post, following their accounts.

When you spend your coins on the Followers. The app automatically make other people to follow your account. However, people can later unfollow you. This leads to the wastage of your coins as you lose followers after you have spent coins on it. So, is there any way we can recover coins from the people who have unfollowed you after following? Yes, there is a way by which you can recover your coins with one-click.

Do this to recover your coins spent on followers-

  1. Open Insta Up app, go to Home page and then open Unfollow Finder.

2. You can read how does Unfollow Finder work. Make sure you also have a stable internet connection before using the Unfollow Finder.

3. Now click on Start button. The process will initiate and you will see how many people have unfollowed after following you. The number will be shown while the process is still going on. At the end you will get the exact number of people that have unfollowed you.

4. Now click on the Confirm button to get all your coins back that you spent on Followers. That’s a great feature right there and it will help you save some coins as well.

Can I Purchase More Coins on Insta Up?

Yes, you can purchase coins on InstaUp itself. There is an app coin store where you can purchase coins for real money. Here is the screenshot of the prices of coins.

Read more about the payment in the Insta Up payment instructions guide.

We recommend you not to buy coins for real money. Rather you can earn coins by liking other people’s posts for free. Use the Auto liker button to automatically like posts. You will save a lot of time using Auto liker, so its a cherry on the top.


We think we have covered everything you needed to know about Insta Up APK. It is indeed a great tool to get likes and comments on your Instagram posts for Free. You can also use InstaUp Latest version for Android to gain followers on your account without spending a penny. We personally like the Auto liker & Auto unfollower feature in the Insta UP app. Both save your time and help you earn and recover InstaUp coins respectively in an efficient way. So what are you waiting for? Download InstaUP Liker APK V16.2 for Free for Android to increase likes, followers and comments for Instagram.