How to Download & Install Stickers on WhatsApp (Third Party Sticker Packs)

We all love stickers and we really enjoy using them during the conversation. Stickers are one of the quickest ways to express yourself in WhatsApp. If you are looking for more stickers and want to know how to add stickers to WhatsApp, worry not. We will help you add stickers to your WhatsApp. And we also tell you how to create your own sticker. So let’s get started.

Before moving on, let’s talk a bit about WhatsApp Stickers. WhatsApp originally didn’t have any support for stickers. WhatsApp rolled out support for stickers in October 2018 for Android & iOS devices. This is because of the fact that the popularity of other messaging apps such as Hike and Telegram. Those apps had support for stickers and people were fond of sending stickers to their friends more than GIF and Emojis. This thing forced WhatsApp to introduce stickers on WhatsApp.

How to Add Stickers to WhatsApp (iOS and Android)

We love using stickers, don’t we? They have become an important part of our conversation at least for us. Stickers are lightweight, you don’t need to load them and you can send instantly to anyone with a single tap.

We can even categorize them according to us. Unlike GIF, these stickers are stored on your device, so it is always one tap away from sending it.

Okay, now without any further ado, let’s see how to add stickers on WhatsApp. (iOS & Android)

1. How to Add Stickers from WhatsApp?

Most people don’t know that WhatsApp also has included some stock stickers to download. These stickers are not from WhatsApp though, they come from third parties, but you can download them from inside the stickers section.

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To Add Stickers from within the WhatsApp, follow these steps.

  1. First of all, open WhatsApp
  2. Open any chat/ conversation
  3. Click on the emoji icon on the left side
  4. Now tap on the Add button on the extreme right side
  5. The stickers section will be opened, here you can download and add a few packs of stickers already included in WhatsApp.

These stickers pack are limited in size and of course we want some more cool & awesome stickers, for that purpose we can easily download and third party stickers apps.

2. How to Download & Add Third-Party Stickers on WhatsApp? (Android and iOS)

This is the most easy and straight forward method to add stickers on your WhatsApp. There are thousands of stickers packs available for you to download for free.

Third-party stickers are most popular on WhatsApp. As mentioned before, they are easy to download, add and use on your WhatsApp. They are displayed in the category, so it becomes even easier to use them.

Third party stickers

The verity of these stickers is endless. There are many apps that provide stickers on various topics such as movies, web series, memes, internet viral videos, internet personalities and other trending stuff. We can download stickers of any topic and add to our WhatsApp and use them whenever we want.

So let’s learn how to add stickers to WhatsApp now.

  1. First of all, you will need to download any sticker pack from the Play Store or App Store.
  2. For example- We are here, downloading the app. This app is very popular for stickers, WhatsApp video. Interesting thing is that you can even make create your own stickers too.
  3. After downloading the sticker pack, open it.
  4. There will be multiple categories such as For you, trending, wish, love Bollywood and others.
  5. Simply click on any of these sticker packs and tap on Add to WhatsApp button. Stickers will be shown when you open the stickers menu under the respective sticker pack.

There are hundreds and thousands of sticker apps available on the play store. Some have only one kind of sticker or some have multiple types of stickers. It is up to you to choose and use according to you.

3. How to Create your own stickers and Add to WhatsApp

We just learned how we can Install stickers to WhatsApp, but what if you have to create your own custom stickers? If you are interested you can read below to know more.

Sticker is nothing but an image with some text written on it or particular expression. You can add any image you want as a sticker to WhatsApp. In fact you can even create your own stickers and share with others.

To Add our own Stickers on WhatsApp, follow these steps below.

  • First of you will need to download any Sticker app with support for custom stickers. These apps come with all the necessary tools required for creating a sticker. We are using here.
  • Open the app and tap on Blue Plus Button and choose an image from the gallery.
  • You can further edit this image to create the perfect sticker you want.

You can do following with the help of app.

  1. Auto cut out the faces and bodies of the people from the background.
  2. You can also manually cut out the background.
  3. Crop image to make a perfect sticker.
  4. Add text with multiple colour options and font styles.
  5. Add emojis to the sticker.
  • Once you have edited your image, it is now time to make it a sticker and add it to your WhatsApp Stickers section.
  • Before adding your sticker to WhatsApp, you can set a tag for the sticker depending on the type of sticker.
  • Click on the Save button to save the sticker. Here you can either save the sticker to the existing pack or create an entirely new pack.
  • After specifying the sticker pack, just tap on Add to WhatsApp button and the stickers will be added to your WhatsApp.
  • You can access the stickers by opening the stickers tab in WhatsApp. Look for the Sticker packs you created to send stickers.

Final Words

We hope you will find this guide helpful. We have mentioned everything you need to know about how to add stickers on WhatsApp. Sending stickers on WhatsApp is fun, silly and sometimes could be proven an effective way to express your emotions. We recommend you to download the third-party stickers pack, as they are readily available and you can start using them right away. If you are facing any issues or have any doubts you can ask us in the comment box below. Till then happy chatting!