How To Send Blank Messages on WhatsApp? (Easy Way)

If you are looking for sending blank messages on WhatsApp, then you are in the right place. We will tell you how you can easily send blank messages to your friends on WhatsApp in the easiest way possible. WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers has lots of things to do. And it is indeed one of the best social media apps to keep up with your family and friends. You can share photos, videos, audios, documents and pretty much everything on WhatsApp. Just in case if you want to try something new on WhatsApp, then you should definitely try the blank messages. Continue reading to know more.

As we all know WhatsApp supports multiple text format such as Bold, Strikethrough, Italic. But what if we tell you can now send blank messages. It would be fun to send blank messages to your friends. You will make them wonder, and they might think about what is written in the message. But they won’t be able to read it cause it’s just a blank message. So how can one send blank messages on WhatsApp? Is there any way to do this? Let’s explore.

How to Send Blank Message on WhatsApp?

There is actually a pretty simple way of doing it. For the first time, you just have to download a small app called Blank Message (for WhatsApp). This app will help you copy the blank message and you can paste it on your WhatsApp message box and paste it. Let’s see step by step how you can do this.

  1. First of all, download and Install the Blank Message (for WhatsApp) from Play Store.

2. Now open the app, there you will see the interface like this.

  • The number of repetitions: You can select how many times you want to repeat the blank spaces. Choose from 1 to 10,000.
  • Choose Rows or Single Space: Select between row or Single space without any paragraph.
  • Use custom text: Add a custom text instead of a blank space. Type any custom text you want. This text will be repeated. The repeat amount depends on the value you set above in the Number of repetitions.
  • Share app link with your friends: Tell you, friends, how to send blank message on WhatsApp. This will put a direct download link of the app at the end of the message.

3. After setting up the values, click on the send button. You can now send the blank message to WhatsApp or you can directly copy it to the clipboard. Or you can simply send it to the other messengers available on your phone.

You can also purchase the Pro version of Blank Message for WhatsApp. With Paid version you get following things.

There are no different packages available for purchases. You get all the perks for the minimum amount of 80 INR. However if you have got some extra money lying around, you can pay 160 INR or even up to 240 INR to support developers to motivate them to make such useful apps.

A Quick Tip for Sending Blank Message on WhatsApp

Simply copy the required message you want and paste it somewhere to the local notes app. This will enable you to quickly access the blank message instead of opening the app every time.


So this is how you can send blank messages on WhatsApp. It is a fun way to prank someone by sending such hilarious messages. Your friends would even often ask you how did you do it. We hope you have found this quick guide useful. Check out our other articles if you are interested in more such awesome tips and tricks related to WhatsApp.