How To Download WhatsApp Status Videos & Photos On Your Android and iOS Smartphones

If you are looking for a way to download the WhatsApp Status Videos and Images from your friends and don’t know how to download them then you are in the right place. We will guide you through some of the best methods you can use to download media (Images and Videos) from your friends’ status to your device in the easiest possible ways in no time.

We can’t deny how popular WhatsApp is and its role in our day to day lives. Our day starts with WhatsApp and ends with it. Being downloaded by the billions of people around the world, it has become one of the most popular social media apps with lots of great features. And since 2017 WhatsApp rolled out a new feature called ‘WhatsApp Status‘ where users can post images, 30-second videos and even a text with the verity of different styles, fonts and backgrounds. The posted status disappear automatically after 24 hours.

Being said that, WhatsApp officially doesn’t have any built-in feature to Download status media such as Video or Images. This sometimes becomes a drawback as you might like one of your friend’s status and you want to save it to your phone, but you are unable to download it. While you can take the screenshot of the images posted on status, but you can’t do really anything in the case of videos and that’s why we are as always here to help you out.

How to Save/ Download WhatsApp Status Videos and Images to your Android Smartphone?

There are actually multiple ways by which you can save others’ WhatsApp Status to your phone. All these methods are supposed to work on all Android devices. Make sure you have the Android versions at least 4.0 or above. We have also figured out a way to download WhatsApp status on your iPhones, make sure to check it out too if you have an Apple device.

Method 1- Use WhatsApp Status Saver App

One of the most easiest way you can save video and photo status on your device is to download and use third party Status Saver App. Unfortunately, status saver apps are only available on Android devices. We recommend you to download Status Saver from play store. It is a free, simple and small app that does its work perfectly everytime.

Status Saver App is quite simple and easy to use. To download the status of your friends, open Status Saver, click on the image or video tab and download the status you want.

Save status using Status saver

Status Saver App Features

  • Comes with In-Built sticker apps. Can be saved to your WhatsApp stickers.
  • Instant Share Option lets you share someone else’s status directly from the app.
  • Download Parallel Space (Secondary WhatsApp Account) Video or Image statuses.
  • AutoSave status to your device when someone uploads new status.
  • Get notification when someone posts a story/ status.
  • Purchase Pro Version to remove Ads

Method 2- Use Third-Party Video Players To Save Status

Third-party video players such as MX Player can also be used to save WhatsApp Status videos to your device.

You can also download any other Video Player from the Play store but it should have the WhatsApp Status feature enabled by default.

We recommend you to use MX Player. If you don’t have MX Player installed on your device download it by clicking the button above.

To Download/ Save WhatsApp video status,

  • Open up MX Player App
  • Open sidebar and go to WhatsApp Status Saver.
Use Video to player to download status 1

3. Here you can see, your recently loaded status videos. Tap on the download button on the video to save to your internal storage.

Use Video to player to download status 2

Method 3- Using Third-Party Video Players to Show Hidden Files

This method is one of the oldest methods and you have to set it up manually the first time. You can use third-party video players such as MX Player to get access to Hidden Files. These hidden files are nothing but the WhatsApp Videos you load on WhatsApp. These files (Videos) will disappear after 24 post Status upload.

  • Open MX Player or any other advanced video player app
  • Click on three dots to open the sidebar.
  • Now Scroll down to the end and select Local Player Settings.
Save WhatsApp Status 1
  • Click on the List menu.
Save WhatsApp Status 2
  • Scroll down to the bottom and enable the ‘Show Hidden Files and Folders‘ option.
Save WhatsApp Status 3
  • Now go back to the Local tab and look for the folder names as ‘WhatsAppStatuses‘, open this folder and you will see all temporary status videos stored on your device.
  • Don’t forget to save them so that you can watch them later, otherwise, they will be deleted/ disappear after 24 hours.

How to Save/ Download WhatsApp Status Videos and Images to your iPhone (iOS) Devices?

Unlike Android smartphones, We don’t have any third-party apps that help us download WhatsApp statuses posted by our friends. But we have got another workaround for devices running iOS.

Method 1- Record Status Videos using iPhone’s Native Screen Recorder

Okay, so this workaround is actually pretty simple and you don’t even have to download any app. All you have to do is to start iOS in-built screen recorder and play the video status you want to download, after you have played the status completely, turn off the screen recording, the recorded video will be saved to your iPhone, by default in the Photos app.

Record Status Videos using iPhone's recorder

You can further cut the part you don’t want using iMovie or native Photos video editing tool.
Apple default Screen recording software is extremely capable of capturing videos at high quality and it can also record sound too by default, unlike Android devices.

Method 2- Download and Use Third Party WhatsApp Mods

So basically you have to download and use third party WhatsApp Mods such as WhatsApp++, WhatsApp + Watusi to be able to download WhatsApp Status. Keep in mind that, these apps are not supported or endorsed in any way by Official developers, so you have to be careful while using such apps from other vendors.

Here is the list of some Third-Party App Store.

Download Third-Party WhatsApp Mods on iPhone and use the built-in Status Saver feature included in the WhatsApp app.

iOS Ninja Download

Final Words

So these were some of the best ways you can download the WhatsApp Status of your friends to your phone. Though there might be other apps and methods you can try, these were the easiest and time-saving. We hope this helped you in downloading the Video, Image status of others. It could have been better if the WhatsApp team had already included the Status Downloader for WhatsApp built-in in their official version. Nevertheless, we are happy we could be of your help. Follow us for more awesome WhatsApp related content and How to Guides.