How To Download WhatsApp on iPad Running iPadOS | Step By Step Guide

WhatsApp without any doubt is one of the most popular social media apps today. There are more than millions of people who use WhatsApp to chat and have fun with their friends and family. WhatsApp officially supports two major operating systems- Android & iOS. But isn’t available to use on iPad devices. Most of the people who work on the iPad find it difficult to switch back to phone again and again to check new messages. To solve this issue, we will be telling you how you can use WhatsApp on your iPad devices without jailbreaking or doing anything stupid. So let’s get started.

As we all know, the iPad used to run the same iOS on the iPhone until September 2019. Apple released iPadOS as the new operating system for iPadOS built from the ground especially for iPad hardware. This new OS was introduced to take advantage of the iPad’s hardware and big screen size. iPadOS 13 was the first version of iPadOS for the latest iterations of iPads. The introduction of this OS helped developers to create apps tailor-made for iPads only.

Why there is no Official WhatsApp for iPad?

WhatsApp runs on the phone number you use to register your WhatsApp account with. This means that you can use WhatsApp on only one primary device. Apple still didn’t release any standalone WhatsApp app for iPads to be used as a primary app.

We can of course use WhatsApp Web on our iPad using WhatsApp Web, but we don’t get the fully functional app to use as we use on the smartphone. The WhatsApp web is meant to be used on secondary devices such as on our Desktop, Laptops, etc.

WhatsApp for iPad

Being said that, it has some limitations such as you can’t post your status, manage your setting for privacy, chats, notifications and other things. You can also use WhatsApp web on your smartphone by turning on Desktop Mode. But that is a whole different thing and we will talk about it later. For now, let’s see how we can use WhatsApp on iPad.

How to Download & Use WhatsApp App on iPad?

There are multiple ways by which you can download the fully functional WhatsApp on iPad. But we will tell you the easiest and quick workarounds so that you can enjoy full fledge WhatsApp on iPad devices.

1. Download WhatsApp from Third Party Stores


Even though WhatsApp developers didn’t release their official app for iPads, that doesn’t mean we can never use WhatsApp on iPad. There are many third party app stores, from there we can we Download fully functional WhatsApp app for free. Thanks to the developers who modify the official version and make it available for us to download from app store.

Keep in mind that, even though the WhatsApp you get from third party stores look identical to original WhatsApp, it isn’t the same. The original apps are modded or tweaked in such a way that end user could use it with extra features added. Check our WhatsApp Mods for information about them.

Here is the list of all third party app store available. Try searching on these stores, you will find multiple WhatsApp versions with different capabilities. You can Download any WhatsApp App for iPad for Free.

iOS Ninja Download

2. Use Messenger for WhatsApp Web App

messenger for whatsapp

If you don’t want to use any third party apps form third party app stores. Then there is app called Messenger for WhatsApp Web which will help you. This app is nothing but a WhatsApp Web extension.

Previously you had to open WhatsApp Web from your browsers. Doing so, takes some time as you have to open the browser then search for WhatsApp Web and then login. Now with the help of this app, it became easy to use WhatsApp Web.

Another great thing about this app is that, All your WhatsApp chats/ conversations will be stored on your iPad locally. WhatsApp Web lacks this feature as you have to open the WhatsApp Web every time, all the chats reload again as if you are opening any site.

If you purchase premium version, you can use up to 3 accounts simultaneously on your iPad using Messenger for WhatsApp Web App.

3. Bookmark WhatsApp Web to your Phone

If you don’t want to use any App on your iPad at all then this is the only way you can use WhatsApp on your iPad. Again bookmarking the WhatsApp Web won’t store your chats to your device. It will work the same as using WhatsApp web on your browser.

But with the help of this method, you can simply save more time. If you bookmark WhatsApp Web, all you have to do is to click on the WhatsApp Web bookmark from your app drawer. The chats will load and you will be able to use WhatsApp then further.

To create WhatsApp Web shortcut on iPad,

Open Safari Browser
Then click on this link

Then scan the QR code and set up WhatsApp Web on your iPad.

After setting up WhatsApp Web, click on the share button on the top right corner. Then tap on Add to Home screen.

bookmark whatsapp on ipad

A WhatsApp icon will appear on your home screen. This logo is nothing but a bookmark of WhatsApp Web imported from the Safari browser. Clicking this will open WhatsApp on your iPad in the safari browser.


So this is how you can use WhatsApp App on your iPad devices running iPadOS. We hope Apple role out official WhatsApp App for iPad. But for now, these are the only ways you can use WhatsApp on your iPads. All these methods work regardless of which iPad version you have. We recommend you to go with 2nd method as it is more safe and reliable. Follow us for more WhatsApp related help and tips and tricks.