How to Download and Use WhatsApp Mods such as GBWA, FMWA & YoWhatsApp on Android (Easy Installation)

If you are wondering how to install third-party WhatsApp mods on your Android device, then we have got you covered. WhatsApp mods such as GBWhatsApp (GBWA), FMWhatsApp (FMWA), YoWhatsApp (YoWA) are the most popular among the users. This is because of the fact that WhatsApp third party mods provide us with better features which the official WhatsApp version doesn’t offer. So, if you are looking for a guide to install the WhatsApp Mods on your Android smartphone, then you are in the right place.

Download WhatsApp Mods

First of let’s talk about WhatsApp. As we all know how popular WhatsApp is among the social media apps. WhatsApp is available on Android devices as well as iPhones running on iOS. It is secure, fast and easy to use. And almost everyone uses WhatsApp to connect with family and friends. But despite all these things, the official version of WhatsApp fails to provide us with some features. And that’s why we see, more users are switching to the third party WhatsApp Mods such as GBWA, FMWA & YOWA rather than using official WhatsApp.

Why Should You Use Third Party WhatsApp Mods?

WhatsApp Mods bring a whole new array of features, privacy options and customization for WhatsApp to the users. Things such as Freeze last seen, Disable seen messages ticks, Auto-reply are available on Third-party WhatsApp modded apps.

WhatsApp Mods features

You can read more about the WhatsApp modded features of the app in their respective post.

How to Download WhatsApp Mods On Android?

Downloading WhatsApp mods actually isn’t that hard. All you have to do is to find the latest version of any WhatsApp Mods and download it and simply install them. Let’s see step by step how to download WhatsApp Mods on your Android devices.

1. Download Latest WhatsApp Version

There are tons of WhatsApp Mod sites available that claim they are official, but believe us, many of them aren’t. It is necessary nowadays to Download authentic apps from the internet. We always strive to provide you the Latest Anti-ban versions of WhatsApp Mods many with useful features.

The apps should be properly scanned and should not contain any malware or adware, before uploading to the site. This is something we are immensely serious about. We thoroughly scan the apps and make it available to you without any viruses, as it is intended to use.

Here are the links to the latest WhatsApp Mods. After clicking the link make sure you download the latest version of the respective WhatsApp mod.

Downloading WhatsApp Mod

After you download the Modded app, follow these step below.

2. Enable Installation from Third Party Sources

Once you have downloaded the app, it is important to enabling third-party installation. By default, it is turned off. This means that the phone is set to not install any apps other than the Play Store. But, here in our case, you are downloading it from our site.

To Enable Third Party Installation:

  • Head over to your phone’s settings app
  • Then look for Security and open it
  • Under security, you will see an option called ‘Unknown Source Installation
  • Tap on ‘Unknown Source Installation’ and enable your default browser.

The process to enable unknown installation is almost identical in all Android smartphone. You just have to enable it anyhow. If you are having trouble, you can search in the settings search bar using the ‘Unknown source’ word.

Install the WhatsApp Mod Finally

After downloading and enabling the installation from third party sources, you just have to install the app. It is pretty self-explanatory, but we will tell you our fellow visitors who don’t know how to install any app.

  • Open your File manager app
  • Head over to your download folder, most of the time it is named as Downloads in your file manager
  • Now look for the WhatsApp mod you have downloaded, and tap on it
  • Then you just have to tap install and the app will be installed.
Installing WhatsApp Mod

After installing, simply open the app, and register your phone number as you usually do and start enjoying a better version of WhatsApp.

Are WhatsApp Mods safe to use?

This question is asked quite often. And the answer to this question cannot be given in a single word Yes or No.

To be honest, you should be concerned while using these apps from a third party. This is because even those apps use the same server to send and receive the message. They are still the third-party developers and it has nothing to do with WhatsApp official developers.

Those WhatsApp Mods might be violating WhatsApp terms of use or maybe even privacy policy.

These are some steps, we want you to follow if you really want to use WhatsApp regardless of any consequences.

  1. Use your secondary phone number
  2. Don’t abuse Modded features
  3. Don’t send bulk messages
  4. Don’t spam anyone
  5. Don’t send hundreds of photos at a time
  6. Use Modded features under the limit and use them with caution.

Are WhatsApp Mods Free to Use?

WhatsApp Mods are completely free to download and use on Android. You can use WhatsApp Mods on iPhone and iPad too by downloading third-party app stores.

Beware of those apps that ask you money for using WhatsApp Mods. Such apps are looting money from you under the name of premium features.

Remember, WhatsApp Mods are, were and always will be Free.


Hope we have helped you to Install the WhatsApp Mods on your device. We have also tried to solve the most asked queries asked about WhatsApp third-party modded apps. It is easy to overlook the security concern of Whatsapp Mods due to the awesome features it provides. It would be even better Whatsapp had included these feature in their apps by default. And who knows, they might add them even. Till then WhatsApp modded apps is the only thing that we rely on.