HeyWhatsApp APK Download v21.00 (Nov 2023) Latest Version for Android |Anti-Ban

HeyWhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most popular WhatsApp mods available right now. We will explain everything you need to know about HeyWhatsApp APK latest version. WhatsApp mods are nothing but the modifications to the original WhatsApp version to make it better than it is today. This includes the addition of new features, changing the user interface of the app and pretty much everything that makes it more useful. So If you want to use the latest HeyWhatsApp version then follow the article till the end.

WhatsApp as we all know today is the most popular messaging app available right now. When it started back in 2009 no one would have ever imagined how big it could grow. With every update, WhatsApp brought great new features for its users and users gave a positive response to these updates as well. From just being another free messaging app, it didn’t take WhatsApp much time to be a social media giant. It even grew bigger since Facebook brought it back in 2014.

Being said that, we love using WhatsApp on our phone. If we see from an average user’s perspective, its a great app but if you are an avid user and expect more advanced features, then definitely WhatsApp isn’t enough for us. And this is where HeyWhatsApp works like a charm and provides us with everything we could ever ask from WhatsApp. We are assuming you are already interested in HeyWhatsApp as much as we are, so let’s get started with the awesome features of HeyWhatsApp.

What’s New in HeyWhatsApp for Android

HeyWhatsApp gets improved by every update and various changes are done to the app. Every little & big changes are mentioned in the changelog. So you might wanna have a look at it.

HeyWhatsApp APK Changelog

Size- 45.0 MB

Update- Update to WhatsApp base latest version
Added- New animated stickers 
Fixed- Emoji missing issues 
Fixed- Send Scheduled messages to broadcast

Hey WhatsApp APK Download Official Latest Version

App NameHey WhatsApp APK
Size52 MB
Required Android Version5.0+
Available on
Last Updated1 Day Ago

HeyWhatsApp Features


HeyWhatsApp Privacy

Under privacy there are cool features that are worth using HeyWhatsApp. We will discuss how to use them.

  • Hide last seen- Hide your last seen from others, useful when you don’t want to share your last seen status with your friends
  • Disable forwarded messages- Disable forward message tag. When you send messages that are forwarded many times, a tag on the message is shown. You can disable this with the help of this feature.
  • Set who can call you- On the regular version, you can’t block incoming calls from a specific contact. You can either Block them completely or keep them unblocked. But there is no individual call blocking option. But HeyWhatsApp has it, so that’s off to the developers for adding this feature.
  • Hide view status- Others won’t see your name in their status viewer list. That’s really a great thing if you want to hide your name from the status list.
  • Anti-delete status- Others won’t be able to delete status for you.
  • Anti-delete message- Works the same as an anti-delete status feature. If turned on, messages deleted for you can’t be deleted. This means you can still them if someone deletes a message in your chat.
  • Set privacy setting for different contact list- Set what you want to show for individual contacts, groups and broadcasts.

HeyWhatsApp Exclusive Features

HeyWhatsApp Exclusive features
  • Confirm before sending a sticker- If you use stickers while chatting with your buddies, you would know that, how carefully we have to send the stickers. Sometimes, we send a wrong sticker to someone important and by the time we delete it, they could see it. So, it is a must-have feature. WhatsApp official version doesn’t have an option for confirming the sticker before sending it. But HeyWhatsApp has got you covered. Use this feature to use stickers without having to worry about sending the wrong sticker to someone you don’t want to.
  • Custom wallpaper per contact- This feature will let you set up wallpaper also known as display picture (DP). You can further set up profile pic as a chat wallpaper.
  • Hide date and time while sending multiple messages- In the official version, if you copy 2 or more messages, time and date also get copied. This is very frustrating if you want to send someone multiple messages. You can simply avoid the date and time by enabling this feature.
  • Change profile details design- This is another great feature and is only offered by HeyWhatsApp. You can choose from 4 preset designs. It will change the design of the profile when you open contact details on WhatsApp.
  • Disable proximity sensor- This is one of the most useful I have ever seen in any WhatsApp mods. This feature will simply disable the proximity sensor on your device. If you don’t know what it is, then let’s tell you.
    The Proximity sensor is nothing but a sensor that detects light and sends information to the system for further actions.
    In simple words, if the sensor is turned on, and you bring your phone near the ear or some solid object then the sensor will not receive enough light. The sensor then sends a signal that will turn off the display to avoid accidental touch by your ears or cheek.
    But it is quite irritating if you are listening to voice messages on WhatsApp, if your finger gets in the way of the proximity sensor, the audio you are listening to will simply stop and we have to play it again.

Change sound effects for various actions

Change sound effects in heywhatsapp.svg
  • Disable output volume switching- If you disable this option and listen to audio through speakers and if something covers the proximity sensor, your device won’t switch audio from speaker to the earpiece. This is useful when you listen to voice messages more often.
  • Change incoming message ringtone- Choose from dozens of ringtone to play when you receive a message from someone.
  • Change send message ringtone- Change send message ringtone. This will change the default WhatsApp sent tone.
  • Change voice recording start and stop ringtone- Pretty Self explanatory
  • Change voice message transition ringtone- Change sound played when you switch between two voice messages.
  • Change voice message end ringtone- Change the sound when the voice message ends playing.

HeyWhatsApp Ultimate Customization

HeyWhatsApp Customization
  • Change Emoji Variant- Select from WhatsApp, Old WhatsApp (iOS), One, Facebook, Android O. Selecting one of these variants will change the style of your emoji.
  • Select Font Style- Select more than 80+ font styles to choose from. This includes Arabic font as well.
  • Select Favourite Launcher Icons: Select from 75 launcher icons. Just click and press Ok, your default launcher icon will be replaced automatically.
  • Change Notification Icon- Want to change the notification icon? You can do that as well. There is a total of 51 notification icons to choose from.
  • Complete Customization- Take control over everything. Customize HeyWhatsApp the way you want. This feature is only available exclusively in HeyWhatsApp APK for Android
  • Universal Color- Change color everywhere including UI
  • Universal ActionBar Text Color- Change action bar color
  • Universal Color Background- Change the background of the whole app
  • Status Bar Color- Change the status bar color of the whole app
  • Navigation Bar Color- Change color of Navigation on all screens

Dedicated Theme Store

HeyWhatsApp Theme Store

HeyWhatsApp APK for Android is also well known for Theme Customization. It has got dozens of themes to choose from plus you can add your own to the store. So it is a never-ending source for themes.

  • Download Themes- More than 3300+ exclusive themes just 1 click away. You can also upload themes created by yourself to the HeyWhatsApp Themes Store.
  • Save & Restore HeyWhatsApp Themes– WhatsApp HeyWhatsApp now comes with a Backup and restore feature. Easily backup the current theme with all settings and restore it later when you reinstall WhatsApp HeyWhatsApp. Isn’t it awesome?

Tips for using HeyWhatsApp

Quick tips for using HeyWhatsApp

Though HeyWhatsApp is safe to use, there are some things that are still important and can’t be ignored. Keep in mind that, HeyWhatsApp is a modded version of the original WhatsApp. There are some changes made by the developers to make the app even better for everyone. While doing so, HeyWhatsApp still works on the same official WhatsApp server. This means you still have to be cautious while using HeyWhatasApp. In simple words, you just have to avoid doing unusual activities while using HeyWhatsApp.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when using HeyWhatsApp

  • Use your secondary phone number
  • Don’t abuse Modded features
  • Don’t send bulk messages
  • Don’t spam anyone
  • Don’t send hundreds of photos at a time
  • Use Modded features under the limit and use them with caution

Answering Most Commonly Asked Questions

HeyWhatsApp FAQ.svg

Before using any unofficial app, we always have so many questions or doubts in our mind. And it is obvious, that’s why we will try to answer some of the asked questions about HeyWhatsApp APK. If you still have any queries, you can ask any time thought the comments below. We will try to reach out to you as soon as possible.

Should I Use HeyWhatsApp?

Well, it depends on a lot of things. First of all, you should be interested in using the new features. If you find new features exciting enough, then you should definitely be using this app. It is a great alternative to HeyWhatsApp and works on All Android devices. So why not use a better app instead of using the regular boring WhatsApp? As always, we will suggest you get the new version of HeyWhatsApp and start using it without any second thought.

Is HeyWhatsApp compatible with my Android device?

Yes as long as you have an Android device running Android version 4.0 or above, there shouldn’t be any problem. If you have less than 4.0 you won’t be able to use HeyWhatsApp. Also, make sure to download the latest version and keep it updated after downloading it. The latest versions include new features, bug fixes and the most important Anti-ban mechanism. The anti-ban mechanism will help you use HeyWhatsApp without getting your account banned.

Can I use HeyWhatsApp and original WhatsApp on my phone at a time?

Yes, there shouldn’t be any issue while using both the original and HeyWhatsApp altogether. WhatsApp is a standalone app meaning it has got nothing to with the official version of WhatsApp. In fact HeyWhatsApp will act as a new app on your phone keeping both app data & files different. If you have any issues running two apps simultaneously on your phone, let us know in the comment section below.

HeyWhatsApp isn’t working on my phone, How to Fix it?

There might be several reasons why HeyWhatsApp isn’t working on your phone. First of all, the first issue might be your Android version. Make sure it is at least 4.0 or above. After that, check if the third party installation is enabled in settings or not. If it is not enabled then any app other than the play store won’t work simply. Also, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of HeyWhatsApp. Older versions can cause an issue or simply won’t install on your phone. After trying all these things, still, if it doesn’t work, let us know in the comments below.


So this is what you get if you install a modded version of WhatsApp like HeyWhatsApp. To be honest, we have just covered half of what HeyWhatsApp features to offer you. If we had to conclude, we would say it is a must-have app on anyone’s device who just can’t get enough of using WhatsApp. Another noteworthy thing about HeyWhatsApp APK for Android is that it is a completely free app with zero ads. No ads mean You will have peace of mind while using it. So what are you waiting for? Just click on the download button above and get set go! Still has got doubts or queries? Feel free to ask us in the comment section below, we will do our best to resolve your issue at the earliest.