FM WhatsApp Download APK v20.90.01 Latest Version Dec 2023 (Official)

If you are looking for FMWhatsApp for Android, then you are in the right place. We will provide you with the latest version of FMWhatsApp that has awesome features. If you are tired of regular WhatsApp then you should really check out FMWhatsApp APK which was built on an official version to give you some of the best features.

Download FMWhatsApp Plus

If you interested in this, then follow the article, we will tell you each and everything you need to know about FM WhatsApp Download. We will also provide you with the latest version of FMWhatsApp with many advanced features that the regular version doesn’t provide.

What is FMWhatsApp?

FMWhatsApp is a third-party modded app. It is developed by a developer called Fouad Mokdad. It is based on the official version of WhatsApp with few changes to deliver you everything you ever wanted in WhatsApp. The original WhatsApp no doubt is great, but it simply doesn’t have any extra features. And that’s why we strongly suggest you use FMWhatsApp instead of a regular one.

FM WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version Updated (Official)

App NameFMWhatsApp APK
Size52 MB
Required Android Version5.0+
Available on
Last Updated1 Day Ago

Why You Should Use FMWhatsApp?

Why use FMWhatsApp

FMWhatsApp will change the way you use WhatsApp. It comes with some of the most asked features. These features are not present in the original app and WhatsApp developers don’t seem to add them anytime soon. So your best bet becomes the FM WhatsApp, with tons of awesome and cool features you will love for sure.

For Example, there is a feature called Hide View Status. If you turn this feature on, your friends won’t know that you have seen their status on WhatsApp. Simply, your name won’t appear in their Status View list. Cool, ain’t it?

So this was just a single example of the many features of FMWhatsApp. Click on the Download button to Install FMWA APK on your Android smartphone.

Most Popular FMWhatsApp Features


There are tons of features offered by FMWhatsApp. We will sort these features into three categories. So it will be easy for you to understand the features better.

  • Security & Privacy
  • Other Important Features
  • Customization

Security and Privacy features of FMWhatsApp

FMWhatsApp Security

Security and privacy are important for all of us. FMWhatsApp takes care of both and gives you outstanding features that the original app doesn’t provide.

  • Hide Last Seen- Using this feature will hide your last seen. So others can’t see your last seen on WhatsApp.
  • Disable Forwarded Tag- When you forward a message that has been forwarded many times, there is a tag that appears on the message as “forwarded many times”. You can remove this tag by enabling this.
  • Set Who Can Call You on WhatsApp– If you don’t want someone to call you, you can enable this option.
  • Hide View Status- If you turn this feature on, your friends won’t know you have seen their status. In simple words, your name won’t show in their status view list.
  • Anti-Delete Status- If someone deletes their status after some time of uploading it, the status won’t be deleted for you. It will still show you.
  • Anti-Delete Messages- Messages sent to you by anyone can’t be deleted. This means even if they delete messages for you, you will still be able to see them. That’s a great feature right there, to be honest. Ain’t it?
  • Show Blue Ticks after reply– Your friends will only see blue ticks when you reply to them. In other words, even if you see the messages, the person who sent you the message won’t see blue ticks on his WhatsApp. This feature is ideal for people who don’t want to reply immediately.
  • Hide Chats– You can now hide chat in FMWhatsApp. To hide a chat, simply hold a chat or multiple chats you want to hide and click on three dots. There you will see the Hide Chats option. Click it and add a pattern to hide the chats. Now, simply Hold the WhatsApp header text on the top of the main page to open hidden chats.

Other Important Features of FMWhatsApp

FMWhatsApp extra features

Apart from privacy and security, there are other exciting features in the FMWhatsApp you surely will love. Let’s explore them one by one.

  • Send Photos in Best Quality- Enabling this feature will let you send images up to 100 MB in size on WhatsApp. Earlier you can’t send photos on WhatsApp with a size above 16 MB.
  • Send Video & Audio of up to 80 MB– The original version doesn’t allow you to send Video or Audio above 16 MB. But with FMWhatsApp latest version, you can easily send video and audio up to 80 MB.
  • Send up to 5 Minutes Status Videos- This feature will only work when your friends have the FMWhatsApp also. If your friends don’t have WhatsApp Mod versions like FMWA or GBWA, then people with original WhatsApp will see only 30 seconds status like usual.
  • Send Unlimited Media (Images, Videos or Audio)- The default send media limit is 30. But if you turn this feature on you can now send more than 30 images, videos or audio files.
  • Send Status in Best Quality (100%)– The default status quality is 80%. There is a 20% loss of quality when you send any video or image to the status. Turn this feature on to bump up the quality max to 100%.
  • Hide Photos, Videos and GIFs from the gallery- If you enable this option, All new media you receive on your phone won’t be saved to the gallery. Instead, you can only access them inside the FMWhatsApp. There are 3 options to hide- Photos, Videos and GIFs.
  • Turn on Chat Heads- If you have ever used Facebook messenger, you would know that, there used to be a chat head popup. This chat head pop up continues floating on the screen when chatting with someone if we switch to other apps. This makes it easy for us to chat while doing multitasking.
  • Increase Forward Limit- In the original WhatsApp, you can forward the message to only up to 5 people at a time. But with the latest version of FMWhatsApp, you will be able to forward the message to up to 300 people.
    Note- Don’t misuse this feature or your account might be banned.
  • Send Self Destructive Message- As the name suggests, the message will be destructed after the person to whom you send the message reads it. To enable the self-destructing message, go to Settings > Universal Settings > Others.
  • Choose from Emoji Varients- There are 3 emoji variants in the FMWhatsApp APK available to choose from. WhatsApp, Old WhatsApp and System Emoji.
  • Choose from 70 FMWhatsApp Launcher icons- There are about 70 launcher icons available for FMWhatsApp. Select the one you like and restart the FMWhatsApp to take changes effect.
  • Backup and Restore online or offline- You can either take backup locally by offline method or online method using Dropbox account.

    You can take backup locally and restore it on another device by transferring the database files under your FMWhatsApp folder.

    Note- Google Drive backup is not available on WhatsApp Mods such as FMWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp and others. Instead, you are now given the option to backup using Dropbox. Dropbox offers 2 GB of storage for free on sign up.
  • Enable Contact Online Toast- Enabling this feature will send you notifications when someone comes online on WhatsApp while you are using the app.
    You can also set a short ringtone for contact online toast.
  • Keep Individual Chats and Group chats separate- This feature is turned on by default. This will place individual chats in one tab and group chats in the second tab. This will help you in sorting individual chats and groups, thus you can easily access them.


FMWhatsApp Customization

Unlike the original WhatsApp version which only has a Light and Dark theme, FMWhatsApp offers you great customization features.

  • Choose Themes from Dedicated Theme Store- FMWhatsApp has a dedicated theme store for you. You can install any theme you like and start using it instantly. These themes are totally Free and come with beautiful colour schemes.
  • DIY Theme- FMWhatsApp also comes with the DIY theme option. If you want to create your own theme, you can easily create your own with the help of the DIY Theme feature. There are dozens of color option for each element you see on the screen, so make sure to check them out.

Answering Most Asked Questions about FMWhatsApp for Android

FMWhatsApp FAQ

We hope you really liked FMWhatsApp and the awesome features it comes with. But you might have some doubts, queries, questions (whatever you call it) about FMWhatsApp. So QNA time now, let’s begin.

Is FMWhatsApp APK Free to Use?

This is one of the most asked question about any third party WhatsApp Mods. Yes, all WhatsApp modded apps including the FMWhatsApp are 100% Free to download and use. You won’t be asked to pay a single penny in order to use the app.

Shall I use FMWhatsApp or Not?

Ask yourself, if you really like the awesome features FMWhatsApp gives you for free, then Yes. You should definitely use it. But if you really aren’t interested in using these features, you better stick with the original version.

Is FMWhatsApp is Safe to Use on Android?

The answer to this question is neither Yes nor No. It is the middle of both. It is true that FMWhatsApp doesn’t come from official developers which puts a big question mark on the reliability of the App.

But on the other hand, we can’t deny the awesome features it provides that simply lack in the original WhatsApp. If you really want to use this app, Use it on your secondary number.

Will I be Get banned for using FMWhatsApp?

No, you won’t get banned with FMWhatsApp in the first place, unless you do something unusual. First of all, make sure you are using the latest version which comes with the Anti-Ban mechanism which will prevent the developer from banning your WhatsApp.

Also, make sure not to misuse or excessively use the mod features. Doing so might result in the ban of your account. Follow This Guide to Fix Ban issue on any WhatsApp mods.

How To Download FMWhatsApp Latest Version?

There are tons of different sites providing the FMWhatsApp for free. But only a few of them provide you with the latest version. Most of the mods they provide don’t even open. You will also see apps with malware and adware on some of the sites.

That’s why we recommend you to download from our site, for authentic and safe WhatsApp Mods. We collect and upload the apps from the official WhatsApp Mod developer as soon as they release them. We also make sure if all the apps are scanned properly or not before making them available to you on our servers.

Some Tips for Using FMWhatsApp or any Other WhatsApp Mods

FMWhatsApp Quick Tips.svg
  • Don’t use your primary phone number. Instead, use your secondary phone number.
  • Always use the latest version of the WhatsApp Mods with enhanced anti-ban-mechanism.
  • Don’t abuse the features provided by the mod developers.
  • Don’t send bulk messages or spam anyone.
  • Use Fingerprint lock for added security.
  • Verify and confirm the end-to-end encryption security code to the person you are chatting with.
  • Set up Two-Step verification for extra security.
  • Abide by the WhatsApp privacy policy and Terms of Service.

Wrapping Up

Finally, So these were all the things you needed to know about FMWhatsApp. The popularity of such WhatsApp mods are increasing day by day due to the features they come with. If you have never used FMWhatsApp before, we highly recommend you to download the latest FMWhatsApp APK for Android. It’s worth the shot. Plus you are getting all the features for Free so what are you waiting for. Go ahead and try yourself.

Follow our site for more awesome WhatsApp Mods such as GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus and others.